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At Port Macquarie Skin Cancer Clinic we provide early detection of skin cancer through comprehensive screening, accurate diagnosis and treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers.

Understanding Your Skin

Many of us develop skin cancer but it is destroyed by our immune system before it can grow. The first line of attack are the Langerhans cells


Skin Cancer Detection

Detection of a skin cancer is by a patient identifying a suspicious lesion or a Doctor noticing an incidental lesion or by a full skin check.


Skin Cancer Treatments

Everybody hates this part of it. That is why we take all means possible to help you and advise on the best treatment for you.


Why Have a Skin Cancer Check ?

You Could Be At Risk of Skin Cancer

Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with Skin Cancer by the time they are 70. If you have had one skin cancer you have on average, a 35% chance of another one within 5 years.

If you watch men’s rugby league, on average, one of those players in one of the teams (1:13) will develop melanoma. If you watch women’s cricket, one of the two teams players (1:24) will develop melanoma

A Skin Check is Easy

The earlier a skin cancer is detected the smaller the excision required and the smaller the chance of it killing you. At the Port Macquarie Skin Cancer Clinic, we perform a full body skin check, and our doctor performs a full review and assessment.


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